Benefits Skin Care Line

DSC_0200It’s getting to the summer time! It’s gonna be hot and humid and sunny outside, I want to change my skin care routine into something lightweight but still hydrating.

I went to Sephora last few days to take some sample to test out which product will suit my combination and dry skin. There are some reason that the Origins products made my skin have allergy, so I didn’t go back to purchase them. Because of this “thing” happened, I decided to stick to my old trustful friends.

Benefit is known for their cute and fun makeup line, but theirskin care products are also amazing which are called Radiant Skincare by Benefit. I purchased the Total Moisture Facial Cream and It’s Potent! Eye Cream. They have a very soothing and comfortable scent. It makes me feel like I’m sitting on the beach, smell the ocean and listening to the beach waves… ( lol). Anyway, that is exactly what I feel like when I put these skinmoisturizer and eye cream on.

The texture is lightweight, it will absord into your skin really fast. They are also moisturing, which is exactly what my skin need. Eventhough, I feel like sometimes the moisturizer make my skin has a little of excess oil, but the eye cream is great. I have really dark circles happening under my eyes, and this eye cream is totally brightens those “panda eyes” up! Above all, these are two of my favourite products that I keep coming back.


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