Metallic Eyeshadow and Velvet Skin

DSC_0060In today article, L’OREAL MAGIC NUDE LIQUID POWDER is the star of my show.

Honestly, I rarely wear makeup, but if I do, I want it to look like my-skin-but-better, not the dramatic look or a lot of changes on my face.

When the L’OREAL LIQUID POWDER released, I heard good comments about it, but I didn’t race to Walgreens to buy it because I didn’t need a new bottle of foundation. But today I think I would give it a try, and it is so worth it! The finish is so amazing! It looks super natural, like there’s no foundation on your skin at all, but the coverage is quite good. And one think that makes this foundation a win-win is due to the powder-like finish. It’s a liquid powder foundation so I don’t think you need to put on some powder, and since it’s a powder finish, it’s gonna looks matte and absord the oil on your face quite well. The shade I have here is natural beige.

The second thing I try and I think it’s also great is the L’OREAL HIP DUO EYESHADOW. Today L’OREAL did satisfied me with their products. These are exactly true for their name, “crystal shadow” and “metallic shadow”. These eye shadow are super pigmented and sparkling. By spraying some face mist on to your brushes, applying this eyeshadow with your wet brush, the finish is foil-like and hole onto your eyelid really well. Futhermore, under the dim light like at party or night event, this will totally stand out. The shades I have are preious (pink crytal) and electrified (brown matallic). If you are looking for something metallic and crystal, this is the answer.


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