Lush Bath Time!


Whenever I walk into LUSH, I cannot stop smelling and wanting to take everything home with me.

I call this “a basket full of sunshine”. My boyfriend once asked, “is this edible?”, when he looked at those fresh masks and those bath melts. These products don’t have those herbal smell we usually can smell at spa, but they totally can turn our bathroom into a sweet, delicious and stress-free place. Actually, I can call this a “fruity cuisine basket” since the bath melt smells exactly like mango and vanilla cupcake, and there is macaroon, honey bath bomb, etc…

I also tried out the  Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, after that, I feeling like im turning into a bee (it does have a strong scent of honey) and have the smoothest skin ever. The Blousey is my second bottle of shampoo that I purchased from Lush, I already finish one. It’s so moisturizing and helps with volumizing. The Big is for my boyfriend, since I feel it exfloiates a little bit too much, it strips my hair of a little bit.


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