Korean Skin Care

DSC_0001Today I have a korean skin care haul happening here! I was really skeptical when buying korean skin care because most of the time, it doesn’t suit my skin. It dries out, breaks out and it gets worse. But for this time I gave it a try, and surprisingly, it works well.

The first one I want to talk about is the Mamonde Lotus Micro Mild Foam face cleanser. This stuff smell literally like lotus in a bottle, and it really cleanses your skin, removes all the oil and dirt but doesn’t dry out my skin. Following is the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner, which is a toner, this one I haven’t try it yet, but I heard very good comments. For masks, korean is very famous for one kind of mask from pig collagen, therfore I got the Elizavecca Collagen Jelly Pack, and the other one is Cathy Doll Tofu Mask.

I heard about 3 Concept Eyes a long time ago, and I’m obsessed with their makeup line, but I thought I will try their skin care line first. My favourite, the one I’m talking about is Nursing Cream for super dry skin, which is an oil-based moisturizer. It claims to make your skin become super smooth when you wake up in the morning without the oily feeling. And it is totally the truth! In the pot it is a solid texture type, but when you warm it up between your fingers, it melts into oily and emollient texture so when you apply it onto the skin, it helps hydrating and makes even the most dry skin on earth becomes smooth after one night. And the great thing is, my skin doesn’t break out at all! This one I have the experiment, so this is not an exaggeration.

These last two are not really skin care stuff, but it also included in my package. I have a normal eye lashes, which is not really short and thin, but it is kind of weak and easy to fall out, so I thought I wanna give this one a try, it is the Etude House Dr.Lash Ampoule. The last one is a concealer from The Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream. It has a pink salmon tone so I think it will help covering up dark circle quite well.


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