Best Mascara for Asian Lashes



 I will start off with my lashes type. I have a typical Asian lashes which is very straight, hard to hold the curl and easy to clump up if I use some sort of heavy mascaras. Some of my favourite past-time mascaras are Dior Extase and Too Faced Better Than Sex. Those ones give me real volumn and don’t clump up if I apply two to three coats. But somehow I don’t feel they are the best or ideal of all for me yet, so I’m still on the hunt for thick and curl lashes products.

I heard about Kate a lot for their highly recommended eye liners. For some of you who are confused, Kate is a Japanese makeup brand, and Japanese makeups are very trustworthy for me, therefore I gave this a try. This mascara called Kate Long and Curl Mascara. The result is beyond description. My lashes look twice in length plus super curl and volumn (I did use the Shu Uemura curler first). I figure out the product contains a lot of tiny little fake lashes so when you apply it on your real lashes, it will stick to your lashes and have a lengthen effect. The best thing about this is, even though if you apply a lot, it won’t clump up or feel heavy. This gives a thick-and-curl but natural finish.

The only thing I still feel annoyed is my lashes are very hard to hold the curl, and I have this problem with all kind of mascaras I tried, so I’m very willing to try if you guys have any recommendations. Have a nice weekend! 


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