Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Review



I know the process of a fully foundation routine is including foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighting, blush, etc… But honestly, you pretty girls out there don’t really needs that much makeup on your faces on a daily basis. My daily makeup routine would be a good skin prep and prepare, dabbing a little bit of foundation or concealer (actually I prefer cushion compact), brushing my brow to pull together my face and lastly, my favourite lipstick. Therefore, I don’t really use powder, so I’m always seeking for a products that can set my makeup lightly, but also acts as a highlighter and brightens up my face.

This product is by Hourglass called Ambient Lighting Palette, and it did the job well. You cannot see any powdery finish after you apply, and it also cannot become cakey if you over-applied. The formular sets my makeup very well and it allows my skin to breathe. And my favourite thing about this is, it brightens up my face in a very natural way, it’s kind of similar to a highlighter, but it works in a very mild way so that you can apply it all over your face without looking like a disco ball but a very healthy and model-off-duty glow.

The way I use this is to apply the middle part (Incandescent Light) to the most inner part of my face such as T-zone and eyebrows bones, the left part (Radiant Light) to the other parts of my face to create soft contour, and the right part (Dim Light) to my cheek bones and across my nose bridge.

In conclusion, I really like this palette and I do think that it’s a good products to have in your makeup bag if you need touch-up throughout the days.


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