Dior Snow Serum Anti-Taches


The past few months I had included this brightening serum from Dior called Diorsnow Serum Anti-Taches in my skin care routine. I didn’t notice a huge different after the first week using it, but after a month or so my skin was a little bit brighter and more glowy.

Despite all of that, I didn’t know what it did to my skin until I stop using this serum for a while. I was having some breakout due to the weather changing and it left me teeny tiny ance scars. Usually I won’t be able to see any ance scars on my face, but on those week I realize it did stayed there a long time. So the Anti-spot serum just came to my mind right away, I think it was always the hero of my skin the whole time, but I didn’t realize that until now. And guese what, after I used it again, the scars disappeared a few days later. How amazing!

This serum is highly true to its name. It works very well on brightening dark spots, you won’t see a huge different on your skin tone, but it will for the dark spots. I have combination sensitive skin, and it has been very mild on my skin, no break out ever. I only use it at night since it does say that in the description paper. I put this on after toning my skin and before applying my moisturizer, and it does last a long time for a bottle with a high price tag.

I hope my experience is helpful if you are looking for a dark spot brightening products!


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