NARS Matte Multiple



DSC_0034 I am a creamy-formular-makeup-product junkie. I love the look of creamy blush and how fresh and lively they look on the face. It blends into your skin almost skin-like, like you didn’t put a lot of effort into your appearance but they looks so put together and well-presented. Therefore, when Nars comes out with this Matte Multiple I have been really want to try it out. I pick this up in the color called Laos. The color is such a beautiful pinky peachy shade that matchs very well with my medium to light skin tone. It gives a a healthy flush on my cheeks, almost like natural and no trace of makeup is left. The formular is a little bit dry even though it’s a creamy product, so you may need to spend some time to blend it into your skin, but the finishing touch is amazing and absolutely pretty.

How I apply this is I swipe two lines on both of my cheeks, and blend it out like a dream. You also can use a stippling brush or a flat dense brush to take the product straight from the packaging and apply it on your cheeks.

Tips: When you apply this on your lips, it is a beautiful matte shade that will stay on your lips very long. However, I think a thin layer of lip balm is needed.


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