Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser | Morning Pampering



In the morning, when you just wake up, you don’t really need a heavy cleanser. I know the idea of getting out of bed in the early morning for some people is such a big problem, it is the same to me. So when I think about I can get a facial massage for the first thing before a long day is a great motivation to get out of those cozy blanket (lol).

It’s called Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser. The product is very true to its name. This face cleanser is very gentle but still give you a very hydrating and fresh feeling after you done washing your face. It comes out in a balmy formular, smells like turmeric, which is a very good ingredient for your skin. So at first, you massage it into your skin, work it very gently in circular motion which helps those blood veins start to work and your skin start to breathe in the great ingredients in the cleanser and fresh air afterward. After that, just add a little bit of water and continue to massage. Finally, you just need to wash of everything easily.

Eventhough the formular is a little bit oily, but it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin later, and the turmeric smell is also gone, leave your skin very clean and fresh. It is such a gentle cleanser that you won’t feel too tight in your skin and pores. This is the best product for morning pampering, even when you think you don’t need a nice morning pamper routine. Isn’t it such a great way to start your day?


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