My 10 Step Korean Skin Care | Full Pampering Routine

I have been trying “10 Steps Korean Skin Care” for a while, and it definitely makes some good change in my skin texture.

The goal of this method is keeping hydrates by layering products. It may sounds overwhelming for some people that they have to use tons of products on their faces at once, and yes, it takes a little bit of time, but it does help your skin keeping the hydration better and also prevent the pollution from destroying your skin.

So here are my steps:


1. Oil Makeup Remover. I always use oil based products to remove my makeup. I hate the idea of using makeup wipes or cotton pads to rub and drag your skin to remove dirt and makeup. While massaging the oil in, you can take your time and relax yourself, give it a mini facial and it is just the most pleasant thing to do after a long day. This step remove your waterproof makeup and base makeup as well.

2. Cleanser. This step is to remove all the dirt and residue that clogs your pores and anything that is left on after the oil makeup remover. After this, your skin should be very clean and fresh. Save your money on cleanser, invest in a good cleansing machine because it will do the job, cleanser on the other hand will just go down the drain.


3. Massage CreamI like to do this when I have time for myself at night or even in the morning to pampering and detoxing. It is very crucial that when you massage, the muscle on your face is relax and it reduces the chances of forming fine lines or wrinkles. A massage cream is easy to use, and it helps decrease the strength that you put on your face, so your hands won’t be dragging the skin, which is the thing to avoid when massaging.

4. Toner. After wash out all the makeup, cleanser and massage cream, we start to put on the products that will stay on our face the rest of the time. Toner helps balance out your skin pH and I think this is a must step after cleansing your face.


5. Essence. Essence is a step that is very popular in Asia skin care. It is a product that improve the quality of your skin, keeping the moisture and elasticity. In a short term, your won’t notice a different, but it does help in a long term effect.

6. Masks. Either it is sheet masks, cream masks or capsules, it shouldn’t be a wash-off mask. You want to keep the essence in the mask the rest of the time on your skin, and this is like a special treatment from 2 to 3 nights, not every nights. Masks can have many effects, such as brightening, firming, whitening, hydrating or nourishing. There are variety of masks such as eye masks, smile lines masks, lip masks or all over face masks.


7. Eye Cream. In my opinion, everyone needs eye cream. For younger skin, it helps prevent dehydrated and fine lines. For older skin, it helps with wrinkle and elasticity.

8. Ampoule/Serum. This is a special treatment for your skin. A good serum will improve your skin a lot because it is a concentrates formular, so eventhough one tiny plump of serum can really sinks into your skin and does the job.


9. Moisturizer and Lip Balm. Finally, we can come to the final step. Put on a moisturizer to seal everything and keep the hydration. Put on lip balm because no one wants chapped lips, right?

10. Mist and Sunscreen. This is an extra step. Whenever your skin feel tired, refreshing it by misting the thermal water to restore the hydration and healthy looking. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you walk out the door, UV rays aging the skin very fast.

There it is, my 10 step skin care which I learn from Korean people. It may not suit everyone, but it worth the try, isn’t it?

In my opinion, I have combination oily sensitive skin, so it it very hard to find appropriate products. This method works well for me, but I still prefer the simple skin care routine, but I really enjoy using essence and serum. Feels free to adjust the step to suit your skin the most! xoxo


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