BENEFIT 3 Scoop O’ Sexy | Fall 2014 Holiday Set Review



This year holiday they have been bringing out so many great sets that contain a lot of holy grail products such as SEPHORA FAVOURITES Superstars, which is included a lot of full size products with a very affordable price, or NAKED Vault which included all 3 Naked palletes and other great stuff, NARS Vault, etc.

These lip tints and lip balms from Benefits called 3 Scoop O’ Sexy has such a playful and cute packaging, with cheaper price you can buy this set, keep one or two for yourself, and give away the other one as a gift! How great is that! xoxo

The set contains three full size of Bene BalmPosie Balm and Lolli Balm, plus three sample size of the same line in tints. I usually don’t buy sets because I don’t like to keep a lot of tiny samples around my house, I much prefer full size products. However, I want to give this one a try because I really like Benefits Tints, but I’m not sure if I will like the Balms, so with a cheaper price, I can try all three colors, if I don’t like it then it’s still better than buy all with a normal price. Basically, it’s a win-win. (See, I do consider a lot before I buy something, so I only buy full size products).

Let’s begin with I am a big fan of the Benefit tints because the colors are really pretty, vibrant, youthful and last very long time. I usually apply a little in the inner of my lips and blend out so that it gives me a gradient effect. However, for the balms, honestly, it doesn’t do much things. It does give me a wash of color but after I blot with a tissue, all the product disappear. I don’t see the tinted color or does it moisturize my lips or not. Otherwise, if you keep that shiny finish, it works better.

In conclusion, I’m not into this set very much. If I want a sheer color on my lips, I much prefer Dior Addict Lip Glow, or other types of lip gloss, or more simple you can just pat the lipstick on your lips slightly and add lip gloss. If I want a well color show off on my lips, lipsticks are the obvious choice. Anyway, thanks to this set I found out that the Lolli Tint gives a very pretty beautiful orchid blossoming color type. Oh my, I am just so in love with these tints!


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  1. laurasraves says:

    I just wrote a blog post about this actually — cept mine isn’t a review, it’s one of those parcels I’m awaiting in the mail! So excited to try this set out! 🙂


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